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Meredith International Centre Specific Plan Amendment

Environmental Impact Report  |  Ontario, California

The Meredith International Centre Specific Plan Amendment Project proposed a mix of industrial, commercial, and residential land uses within five planning areas on approximately 257 acres located in the southeast portion of the City of Ontario, within San Bernardino County. Together with necessary supporting improvements, the Project proposed up to 3,007,000 square feet of industrial-type land uses, 1,143,000 square feet of urban commercial uses, and development of up to 1,400 residential and overnight lodging units. The site is generally located north of Interstate 10 (I-10), between Vineyard Avenue on the west, and Archibald Avenue on the east. The northern boundary of the site, between Vineyard Avenue and Cucamonga Creek Channel, is formed by 4th Street. Existing San Bernardino County Flood Control facilities form the northern boundary for the portion of the site located east of Deer Creek Channel.

The Specific Plan area is envisioned as a contemporary mixed‐use center containing Industrial, Urban Commercial, and Urban Residential land uses that take advantage of the property’s location near regional transportation corridors. The Meredith SPA proposes a contemporary design aesthetic, which provides architectural styling with attractive detailing, a light‐toned color palette, and timeless features. Signs are modern, lighting is focused and directed, landscaping is colorful and drought‐tolerant and design features are applied that lower energy use demands of building operations.

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