Project Detail

Nabisco Re-Use Project

Environmental Impact Report  |  Buena Park, California

This Project provided for the redevelopment and re-use of approximately 24 acres of land previously occupied by the Nabisco Foods Processing Plant. The Plant has ceased food processing operations and will be demolished to provide for a range of redevelopment alternatives.

At the direction of the City of Buena Park, the Nabisco Re-Use Project Environmental Impact Report evaluated a range of potential land use and development scenarios for the subject property.

The Project EIR evaluated two (2) commercial redevelopment alternatives, providing for varying combinations and intensities of commercial/retail land uses. These commercial redevelopment alternatives would implement compatible land uses which can be integrated within a comprehensive development approach for the property.

Another alternative considered in the EIR provides for the development of two (2) auto dealerships on the site.

A fourth alternative evaluated in the EIR provides for a big box development scenario.

In addition to the above commercial alternatives, the EIR “No Project Condition” identified and addressed potential impacts should the subject site be redeveloped with industrial uses similar in intensity to the existing Nabisco Plant.

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