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Piemonte at Ontario Center Specific Plan

Piemonte Specific Plan and Addendum to the Ontario Center Specific Plan Environmental Impact Report  |  Ontario, California

The Piemonte Specific Plan Project was developed as an integral overlay component of the established Ontario Center Specific Plan. The 88-acre Project included the development of over 1.3 million square feet of commercial and mid-rise office uses and approximately 800 residential units within four five-story towers. The Piemonte Project provides residents the opportunity to live, work, shop and take advantage of various entertainment venues without the need to drive a car.

Main Street, the cornerstone of the entertainment portion of the Project, provides a tree-lined paseo with various points of visual interest such as fountains and urban gardens. Courtyards, esplanades and opportunities for outdoor seating were created by the placement of buildings along the spine.

The Project is pedestrian-oriented, with an emphasis on wide, landscaped sidewalks, outdoor seating and dining areas, and a strong Tuscan design influence throughout. The various land use components within the Project will be connected by a series of defined pedestrian paths proposed throughout the Project site. Pedestrian links have also been designed to allow easy access to the City of Ontario Events Center located just south of Piemonte. Potential environmental impacts of the Piemonte Specific Plan were addressed in the context of an Addendum to the Ontario Center Specific Plan Environmental Impact Report.

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