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Santa Anita Commercial Center

Santa Anita Commercial Center (SACC) Specific Plan(s)  |  Arcadia, California

In conjunction with the Los Angeles Turf Club and their predecessors, Meditrust and Santa Anita Realty, Applied Planning has developed plans for the reuse of underutilized parking areas at the Santa Anita Race Track. In support of these efforts, Applied Planning has created numerous Specific Plans which describe varied potential development scenarios for, what has been termed, the Santa Anita Commercial Center (SACC). The latest SACC Specific Plan concept will realize infill development of some 590,510 square feet of mixed commercial, retail, restaurant, and entertainment venues within the southerly Race Track parking areas.

Specific Plan documentation developed by Applied Planning will serve as a guide for the ultimate design and development of the SACC. This will be accomplished by a comprehensive set of design guidelines and development regulations, along with related implementing actions designed to foster quality development. The Specific Plan design guidelines and development regulations reflect and support the goals, objectives and policies tailored to the Specific Plan Area, as well as those established by the encompassing Arcadia General Plan. The Specific Plan also provides the framework for the orderly development of the site, recognizing the size of the subject property, its strategic location at the Racetrack, relationships to adjoining commercial uses, and the site’s proximity to neighboring residential uses.

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