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Diamond Ridge Commercial Center

Environmental Impact Report  |  Glendora, California

Applied Planning prepared an Environmental Impact Report for Diamond Ridge Commercial Project proposed within the City of Glendora. The Project proposed up to 360,000 square feet of retail/commercial/service uses within the approximately 29-acre Project site. The development concept for the Specific Plan area envisioned construction and operation of complementary retail and service uses which included a 3,000-seat movie theater, a fitness club, and various other retail/service uses, generally configured around a central pool of shared parking, including a three-story parking structure located in the northeasterly portion of the Project site. Approximately 1,108 surface parking spaces were provided, and an additional 750 spaces were provided within the proposed parking structure. The Project also implemented all necessary supporting utilities and roadway improvements. Focal EIR issues included potential land use implications, traffic and circulation, aesthetics and Project design, and noise.

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