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Falloncrest at The Preserve Master Plan

Environmental Impact Report  |  Chino, California

The Falloncrest at The Preserve Master Plan Project proposed a mix of commercial, residential, and open space uses on approximately 125 acres located in the southeast portion of the City of Chino. More specifically, the Project included the development of 1,344 dwelling units, 155,194 square feet of commercial uses, and approximately 25 acres of open space.

This Project provided a unique set of circumstances since the site had been utilized for dairy and cattle farming purposes since the mid-1950s. The site contained an active dairy, a calf ranch, and a heifer ranch, housing an estimated 9,600 cows. Dairy operations are known to produce PM10 emissions, reactive organic gases, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane, equipment exhaust, and on-road vehicle exhaust. Accordingly, the EIR set forth precautionary protocols to be employed throughout the site during Project development.

Planning Strategies and Environmental Solutions

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